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Recessed Lighting Services in Palatine: Installation, Repair & Replacement

Recessed lighting continues to rise in popularity with many more homeowners installing them being attracted to their aesthetic and versatility. Recessed lighting can be both functional and stylish, they can be used for wall lighting, downlighting and uplighting. Also known as can lights, pot lights and spotlights, recessed lights can be used in many applications: on low ceilings as they are installed flush with the ceiling, to create ambient lighting in both residential and commercial applications. They are often used for accent lighting and spotlighting of artwork, architecturals features and others. The recessed light is installed into the wall, or ceiling so that from certain angles it appears invisible. If you are thinking of recessed lighting installation, contact us at local electrician, we provide quality, reliable services. Our licensed and experienced electricians are available for professional recessed lighting services for both domestic use and commercial properties in Palatine, IL.

Outdoor Recessed Lighting

Set The Mood
If you enjoy sitting in the garden in the evenings enjoying the peace and tranquility, outdoor recessed lighting is the perfect solution to add a little ambiance and style to your garden. There are limitless options for positioning to give various atmospheric results.

Light Up The Outdoors
Place the lights along the garden paths or around the pool area, to help you find your way. Entwined along the top of the gazebo, or even as a lighting fixture installation along your driveway, will light your way to your loved ones and welcome you home every evening.

Practical & Romantic
In addition to delivering a romantic and cozy atmosphere, lighting fixture installation can make sure that you have light to get around when you need it. With outdoor recessed lighting, you can control the light intensity and tailor it to suit your purpose on different occasions.