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Electrical Load Calculation

How To Calculate Electrical Load?

Electrical loads can be confusing, especially if you’re not an electrician. The electric load of any electrical device varies depending on its features, but there's one basic formula you can follow to calculate it.

What Is Electrical Load?

The electrical load is the amount of power that needs to be supplied for a building or home to operate in its current form. This amount varies based on the size, make and model of the appliances that are being used in the space.

Why Is Electrical Load Calculation Important?

The amount of electricity your house draws determines many things, from the electrical panel's amperage to the size of the wiring. Understanding how much energy your home uses and comparing it with what you have installed can help determine if you need some upgrades.

When you upgrade your electrical load, you'll likely see a change in your energy bills. For example, getting a new heater that uses less power will reduce your electric bill and increase your energy efficiency.

How To Calculate Electrical Load In A House

Calculating your electrical load can help you see if you need to upgrade or add power to your home. Here are some steps to help you calculate the amps your home needs:


Add the wattage rating of all your general lighting circuits and plug-in outlet circuits.


Add together the wattage capacity of all household appliances (e.g. dishwasher, dryer, etc.).


Add up all the numbers above, then subtract 10k watts. Multiply the outcome by 40% and add back in 10k watts.


Add the wattage rating of your air conditioner or furnace. Choose the one that uses more power.


To calculate the number of amps and electrical load in your home, divide the watts' result by the volts (220).

If your current service is insufficient, you need to increase it to the next level to avoid having a problem. There are online load calculators available to help. However, if you want to make sure that the load is calculated correctly, it's best to contact an expert.

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