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Panel upgrade

Panel Upgrade in Palatine IL

In many older homes the electrical panels which were installed 20 years or more ago are not designed and do not have the capacity to handle modern electricity needs. All of the modern appliances we have today are plugged in and being used at the same time. The sheer amount of power we are using compared to 20 years ago is phenomenal.
The electrical appliances that are not in use, but still plugged in, siphon small amounts of electricity from the grid. If you are experiencing tripped circuit breakers and blown fuses, this could be the indication that you need an electrical panel upgrade. Another sign is if your lights are flickering, or if they don't seem to get fully bright. If your home is more than 20 years old and your electrical panel only has 200 amps of available electricity, then it's a safe guess to say you need a new electrical service panel. If this is your situation, don't wait, an outdated, stressed electrical panel is dangerous, you may also be at risk of a power surge and electrical fire if you have power strips and extension cords everywhere. Protect your family call in a professional, licensed electrician Palatine today.

Why It Pays To Perform Electric Panel Upgrade

When someone uses the microwave and hairdryer at the same time, the circuit might trip, and your electric panel is typically out of sight and out of mind, sitting someplace in your basement. When you replace it, the price may shock you, but it will be worth it. A replacement is much more worthwhile if you can do it before anything negative occurs.

More Circuits And Outlets

It takes a lot of work to do electrical work. However, you have the opportunity to add extra outlets to your house when you modify your electric panel. Since electricians can do it all at once, you save a good amount of money on labor.

Safer Home

51,000 residential electrical fires occur annually, making them the second most prevalent structural fire cause. Performing electric panel upgrades to industry standards protects you and your family from fires and other unexpected risks.

Efficiency And Power

Over the past several decades, efficiency has transformed the energy needed to power gadgets. With an electric panel upgrade, your outlets and appliances can receive the right amount of power, saving energy and strain on equipment.